The parent church is vital to a healthy church plant, and assists and encourages the church plant until it is self sustaining.

Kingdom Helpers and Resources

Apartment Ministry

There is a great need to reach residents living in apartments. Get insight on ways to approach apartment ministry.

Coaching for Church Starters

Church starting is not for the faint of heart or lone ranger leaders. Enlisting a coach will enable you to better navigate the journey and encourage you along the way.

English as a Second Language

A large number of people in the Mid-South are not fluent in English. Get equipped to help others learn English and share the gospel in the process.

Hispanic Ministries

Over one hundred thousand Hispanics reside in the Mid-South. Take steps now to minister to this influential people group. 

Hosting mission teams

Mission 901- Churches in many areas around the country are interested in missions in the Memphis are. Learn how your church can host a mission team.

IMB Global Cities Initiative

Is God leading you to serve in a global city? If so, learn next steps for getting started.

IMB Medical Missions

Healthcare professionals or anyone with a heart for medical missions can help meet the physical needs of people and share the gospel.  Learn more about opportunities to serve.

Mission Mobilization

From across the street to around the world, there is a need for people to be introduced to Christ. Learn about ways to be engaged in missions. 

Missional Communities

As followers of Christ, living on mission with God and engaging a specific people group is vital to making disciples. Get information on missional communities.

Parent Churches

Churches that are willing to support church plants with human resources, finances, leader training, and other ways are invited to step up. Contact us for more information.

Personal Evangelism

The majority of people in our city, state, country, and world, do not have a personal relationship with Christ. Get equipped to tell others about Christ.

Non-Traditional/Traditional churches

Modules focusing on persons and houses of peace for Kingdom Growth in the Harvest

Pastor Search training

Training for Pastoral Selection team members with coaching available as needed

Personal Evangelism

Sharing your faith naturally with intentionality

Refugee Resettlement

The nations of the world are moving to our city and cities across America. Become familiar with what you can do welcome them to the states and Christ.

Residency for Urban Missionaries

Less than ten percent of most urban areas are churched. An urban residency can help prepare you reach urban people far from God.

Revival in Memphis

A spiritual revival in Memphis would awaken the lethargic to a great host of people searching for hope and help. Learn you can participate in this emphasis.

Vacation Bible School

VBS is a great and fun tool to reach the next generation of children with the gospel. Get started today.

Church Planter Assessment

The assessment begins the process of assessing a planter’s call and readiness to church planting. 


Demographic information on a specific area can be compiled upon request. 

Prayer Walking

Information on conducting a prayer walking ministry.

Rev. Art Groomes

Rev. Art Groomes

Church Starting Coordinator

For more information on Church Starting, contact Art Groomes using the form below.