Church Planting


Mid-South Church Planting

How can My Church Start or Support a Church Plant?

Planting Churches is one of the best ways for us to begin to reach the lost around us.  Every church can get involved in starting new Churches.  How?  Consider the needs, and the ways you can help or supply a needed service or resource.  Here are a few suggestions.

1.  Prayer:  Obtain prayer request from church planters and pray specifically.
2.  Fellowship:  Include church planters in your church life to encourage them.
3.  Ministry:  Inquire about ministry needs that your church could meet.
4.  Testimonials:  Invite church planters to share about church planting.
5.  Liaison:  Enlist someone to serve as primary contact for assisting church planter(s).

Hopefully, these will get you moving.  You could also put together a team that brainstorms and develop a plan to involve your church in many other creative and meaningful ways.           


New Churches Are Needed

In the Memphis City area there are numerous unreached people.  They are people from North America and other nations, cultures, and languages.  These people are often small minorities and dispersed in the greater population.  The following is a list of some of the unreached people groups and their approximate population.

•  Anglo (197,673)
•  African-American (410,400)
•  Asian (10,856)
•  Hispanic or Latino (650,392)

The Mid-South Region needs Jesus.  Church planting is the best and most biblical means of reaching the many peoples for Jesus.  No one church can reach their city or the Mid-South Region alone.  Pray that the Lord would inspire hundreds of churches to plant churches and send hundreds of church planters into Memphis and surrounding cities of the Mid-South.

The Mid-South Baptist Association partners with churches in the association to establish healthy, strategic, and reproducing church plants.  Applicants with a parent church affiliated with the Mid-South Baptist Association can obtain an application for church planting assistance from the association office.  Submitted applications are reviewed by the Church Starting Team in January or July.

The association looks to the church planter’s parent church to take the lead, while the association seeks to serve the parent church in planting and multiplying churches.  Prayerfully consider how you can get involved in church planting.