Become A Church Planter


Are you a church planter?

Not all people are wired and gifted to be church planters. Do the following statements ring true about you? Are you visionary, intrinsically motivated, resilient, flexible and adaptable? Do you related well to the lost and routinely share the Gospel in communities outside the church world? Do you have repeated examples of building groups or teams, creating ownership of ministry, and utilizing the giftedness of others? If you are married, does your spouse support you in pursuing church planting and do you as a couple have a history of exercising faith against significant opposition? And do you understand and are you committed to church growth principles?

If this sounds like you, you have the general characteristics of a church planter and we would encourage you to be assessed to confirm your calling to church planting.


Church Planter’s Assessment

We at the Mid-South Baptist are willing to help you walk through a three step process to explore your potential to be an effective church planter. We think you will find this process helpful to better understand yourself, your marriage, your ministry skills, and your calling.

The Process:

Step One: Application to the Mid-South Baptist Association

Step Two: Self-assessment

Step Three: Behavioral Interview

Step One is the paperwork, including Application, Personal Testimony, Background Investigation, Personal References, and Release form.

Step Two includes personality, spiritual giftedness, and ministry and leadership style.

Step Three: The behavioral interview is a 3+ hour interview with you and your wife and a member of our assessment team. We are convinced that past practices can predict future performance. Therefore we will try to understand how God has used you in the past and present to help discern where He is leading you in the future. You will receive a detailed report after this.