It is important when in ministry to fellowship with others in ministry for encouragement, learning and friendship. Within the context of the Mid-South Association, we have networks made up of ministers, directors and others who are a part of specific ministries within the church. They meet regularly for the purposes stated above.

Below is a list of the directors of these various groups.

African American Fellowship

James Kendrick
(901) 942.4861

Bible Drill Leaders

Gay Edge
(901) 363.3011

Childhood Educators

Connie Lawyer
(901) 872.4413

Church Secretaries

Julie Binford
(901) 373.6161

Diaster Relief

Kent Mathis
(901) 347.2000

Language Pastors

James Kellum
(901) 937.1788

Mid-South Singers

Rusty Eason

Ministers of Education

Casey Pearson
(901) 682.2220

Ministers’ Wives Fellowship

Jamie Stilgenbauer
(901) 309.7953

Pastors’ Conference

James Adams
(901) 682.6644

Prison Ministry

Tommy Stafford
(901) 210.4585

Prison Ministry Bible Study for Woman

Lillian Head
(901) 757.4707

Retired Ministers and Spouses

Bettye Crocker
(901) 683.4161

Royal Ambassadors

Mike Freeman
(901) 849.0867

Senior Adults

Les Helton
(901) 853.2668

Vacation Bible School

Sharon Hambick
(901) 872.2264