Mid-South Christian Woman’s Job Corp


Mid-South Christian Woman’s Job Corp®

We are non-profit organization that concentrates on equipping Woman to become self-sufficient. A customized one-on-one program may include: Bible study, mentoring, job readiness/life skill class, GED tutor, and computer class. Our goal is to personally share Christ’s redemptive love with Woman through mentor relationships and Bible study, as we provide life and job readiness skills.

Our purpose is to equip women with basic life skills necessary for self-sufficiency within her environment. These may include seeking, obtaining, and maintaining employment; financial management, accessing adequate housing, transportation, childcare, and medical care.

With the support of area volunteers, MSCWJC’s goal is to break the cycle of poverty, be it financial or poverty of spirit.


Contact Us:

Julia Binford, Site Coordinator

(901) 373-6161

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Volunteer Opportunities

CWJC® welcomes volunteers in many areas. Most CWJC® volunteers donate between 1 to 2 hours each week to CWJC® students and staff. Although most volunteer opportunities require no previous training, we do ask that you meet the following qualifications if interested in volunteering:

A Christian Woman:

– with a heart to serve
– who consistently honors commitments
– who is accepting of diversity and is non-judgmental
– who is empathetic, open-minded, and willing to grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally
– who cares for others
– who has strong interpersonal skills
– who maintains confidences
– prior experience working with Woman helpful, but not required

 Participant Application

If you are interested in becoming involved, please download our Participant Application and fill it out as completely as possible. Return it to us when finished.

Click Participant Application to download application.

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