Supply Preachers


Interim & Supply Preachers

We are providing a list of preachers who have indicated they are available for supply.



Beggs, Douglas

Retired Pastor and NAMB Staff (662) 429-2789


Coussan, Matthew

Director, The Grove at Red Oak Lake901-355-3138


Espy, Tom

Retired IMB Missionary (901) 552-5139


Glisson, Phil

Evangelist  (901) 324-3459


Gravatt, Dale

Retired Minister(901) 496-9456


Graves, Dr. Garry D.

Assistant Professor of

Harrison, John

Retired Minister (901) 362-6391 or (901) 412-3666 Send Email


Holder, Don

Retired Minister(901) 825-7835


Kay, Jackie

Evangelist  (901) 873-1986


LaRue, Mark 607-1000


Lyons, Victor (Spanish or English) 607-2458


Maxwell, B.J.


Carl Meyer



Mills, Wayne B

Director of Int’l Evangelical Mission Ministry (901) 258-7007


Nardin, Michael (Micky)


Pearson, April (Music)


Shephard, Alexander

Graduate student at


Richards, Jim

Retired Missionary  (901) 355-1291


Rosas, L. Joseph III 500-7668


Roy, Ron

Retired IMB MissionaryServed in Uruguay

Shaw, Benjie

Campus Minister, Baptist Collegiate Ministry University of Tennessee Health Science Center706.936.5490@benjie_shaw

Taber, Michael Lee


Tullos, Ronnie

Pastor and


Vigus, Mark



Williams, Jay


Winfield, Mark