Brown Baptist gives to Community Changers

Brown Baptist gives $1,000 per week for two years to WREG’s Community Changers

The church has donated $1,000 per week over the past two years to organizations working hard to make Memphis better.

We are thankful that we get a chance to be in the community making a difference. So Memphis, Mid South, thank you for the partnership. The members of Brown, thank you for your continued faithful support. As we continue this great endeavor with Channel 3, I pray that we take it to a whole next level and that is cooperation and collaboration. We need more churches. We need more organizations coming together, banding together, and solving the problem. Doing something specifically in our community to make a difference. So for all of the organizations that have received it, keep up the good work! For those who will receive it, congratulations, and may God continue to bless you in all of your efforts. DR. BARTHOLOMEW ORR – SENIOR PASTOR OF BROWN MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH

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