Count What’s Inside

From our Partners at Brotherhood Mutual:

Property inventory: you can’t insure what doesn’t exist

It was a Monday morning when Zach Mize, an insurance agent with American Church Group of Texas, received the call. One of the ministries he serves had severe storm damage. The roof collapsed, and a deluge of rainwater poured into the building. Almost everything was damaged or destroyed, from furniture to computers. Mize sprang into action and helped the mission organization’s business manager file a claim.

A couple of days later, Mize received a phone call that he remembers well. With their operations in tatters, the business manager was concerned about being able to continue their operations due to the damage and loss of income. Mize reassured the mission organization that their robust building and contents coverage, as well as coverage for lost earnings and donations, would fill the gap.

Within days, they received their first of several insurance payments.* A few weeks later, Mize received a phone call he’ll never forget. “They’d just received a large check from Brotherhood Mutual for their contents and property damage claim. The business manager told me that the insurance payment was going to help them keep their doors open.”*

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