Dr. Mitch Martin, September 2021

Dr. Mitch Martin, Executive Director

It appears the pandemic is surging. How will we respond? Every church and individual will need to prayerfully decide about masks, vaccinations, and social distancing. People will have varying opinions and we will not all agree, but that’s okay. However, there is one biblical response I hope all Mid-South Baptists will agree upon and follow.

God says, “When I . . . send pestilence among my people, if my people will

  • Humble themselves
  • Pray and
  • Seek My face, and
  • Turn from their wicked ways,

Then I will

  • Hear from heaven, and
  • Will forgive their sin, and
  • Heal their land.”

Isn’t it interesting that this beloved verse, 2 Chronicles 7:14, was given in the context of pestilence (pandemic)? 

We have tried everything else, maybe it is time we do what God says.

Dr. Mitch Martin

Dr. Mitch Martin