Fellowship Baptist Church

Ministry Assistant at Fellowship BC

Fellowship Baptist Church
4366 Quito-Drummonds Rd, Millington TN

Position Summary:

  1. Provides assistance and support for the church’s ministries.
  2. Administers the tasks and functions of church ministries in cooperation with and assistance to the ministry staff.
  3. Managestasks related to office management, church calendar and events, telephone services, publications, communications and correspondence (including email, snail mail, and texts), promote church ministries and events (flyers, social, and sometimes on the outdoor sign) and treasurer duties.
  4. Serves as a member of the office team to support, protect, and encourage the work of ministry in order to accomplish the needs of the church as a whole.
  5. Reports directly to the pastor.

This is a part time position.

Email resumes to fellowshipbaptisttn@gmail.com



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