Missionary seeking Motorhome

Greetings from Southeast Asia! I’m Adam G.: born and raised in Millington, came to faith at FBC Millington, went to Union, and have now been serving with “the Board” for nearly 12 years. My family of 6 is planning a short stateside visit from late June-end of August of this year. We have a lot of traveling that we have/need to do (family, churches, conference, etc.), so we’re considering trying to find a motorhome to use. I would image the Association doesn’t own a motorhome to lend out 😉 But I was wondering if through your connections with local churches, it might be possible to locate a family that has a motorhome that they might be willing to lend out to a m* family for those few months? It’s a big ask, I know! But asking is all I can do! Thanks so much for your help. Grace and peace,Adam G.