Operations Coordinator – Covenant Baptist Church

Operations Coordinator

Job Description: 

Coordinate day to day church operations to include finance, compliance with local, state, and federal human resource regulations, facilities insurance/risk management, projects and vendor management, while also supporting the mission and vision of the Church.  The Coordinator will report to the Senior Pastor and work with the pastoral staff to optimize marketing of the church and its events through social media and other promotional methods.  

Specific duties will include: 

Ensure financial budgets are designed, prepared, executed, and monitored with integrity and accountability.  Maintain confidentiality of all members’ financial records and other church business.  Oversee and assist in all financial aspects of the church including accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, contributions and receipts, bank balances, banking and loan management, annual audits, budget development, and financial reports.  Meet with Finance Committee each month at their regular meeting and other times, as needed, and   keep minutes of Financial Committee meetings.  Oversee organizational HR compliance with all local, state, and federal guidelines.  Collaborate with the Facilities Manager to ensure the facilities remain safe, secure and well maintained.  Participate in strategic planning and oversee and manage all outsourced business relationships.  Oversee outside marketing and planning of outreach programs in collaboration with the appropriate committees.  Provide organizational support/assistance to church committees as needed.  Coordinate/manage building use other than regularly scheduled services including meetings, banquets, weddings, funerals, etc.  

Education and Experience: 

Candidate must be a professing Christian and an active member in an evangelical church.  A Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Finance/Accounting, or a related field is preferred.  Recommended 3-5 Years of experience related to the requirements of this position.  Experience in strategic planning and multi-faceted project management is a plus.  The position requires strong organizational skills along with the ability to manage time well, with a particular emphasis on systems and attention to detail.  This person will have a spirit of Godly cooperation and will work to foster unity among all church members.  He/she will assist pastoral staff as needed to create ministry associated media.  There is not a direct reporting structure of personnel to this position; however, the daily operations will require close collaboration with all.

Salary is negotiable depending upon education and experience.  Health Insurance coverage is not included however limited healthcare premium reimbursement is available.

Send resumes, with references, to personnel@mycbcc.org


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May 18, 2021

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