S.A.M. Initiative

The Strategic American Mission Initiative

We at Confidential Care Mobile Ministry believe this could be the most strategic American mission opportunity in fifty years, but the opportunity is far bigger than the efforts of any single prolife agency; the collective Church must mobilize. If Roe Vs Wade is overturned, we can anticipate approximately 5000+ women each year in the mid-south, (Memphis, MS, AR), will be looking for a solution to their crisis, (most will be unsaved). The devil, through his abortuaries, has already revealed his plan, which we will discuss. Would you be willing to join us as we consider how best to mobilize this strategic mission opportunity? Seating is limited to 30 and we would really love to have you in attendance at The S.A.M. Initiative.

When: June 28, 2022 @ 10am-12:30am (lunch will be served)
Where: Bellevue Baptist Church – Fireside D seminar room
Who: Mid-south pastors & community ministry partners

Rick Carr, Development Director

Confidential Care Mobile Ministry

(901) 240-6556