Send Relief Ministry Center | July Newsletter 2024

Send Relief Memphis Ministry Center is a Beacon of Hope and Compassion

Members of the Send Relief Memphis Ministry Center offer hope and help to many needing a helping hand. They help strengthen communities.

Send Relief consistently demonstrates compassion as it works to strengthen vulnerable communities. Through the help of local partners, the Memphis Ministry Center tackles chronic homelessness by providing household baskets and supportive services to individuals who have newly secured living spaces.

The program isn’t just about housing. Send Relief missionaries, like Ministry Center Coordinator Sonya Abram and her team, go the extra mile. They visit residents – lovingly called “neighbors” – in their new homes, delivering essential household packages. These packages include items like cleaning supplies and toiletries, helping residents care for themselves and their newfound independence.

Some residents are individuals with disabilities or are independent and working. Regardless of their circumstances, unless violent, they are never turned away.

“We also want to walk alongside residents,” said Abram. Abram and team members ask about prayer requests, fostering conversations and building relationships. While some residents might not be open to it, according to Abram, it’s a welcome connection for many. Abram and her team often sit with them, learning about needs beyond the essentials and following up with individuals quarterly.

This fellowship extends to connecting residents with churches. Often, they help residents find church homes that can continue assisting them on their faith journey during a very dynamic season. “You never know which lives you touch,” said Shunte Taylor, a local Send Relief partner. “It means so much to them to know there are people out there who care.”

Abram, who has worked with Send Relief for nearly two years, marvels at how God continues to orchestrate connections. Another Send Relief initiative in Memphis, Loads of Compassion, provides free laundry services and ministry to those in need. Interestingly, one residential facility lacked laundry facilities. As Abram describes it, they partnered with a local church through divine intervention, bringing Loads of Compassion to that location and solving a critical need.

“These are not man-made tasks but God-driven tasks,” said Abram. “God continues to position us in the right place and at the right time. Putting the right partners, individuals, and churches in Send Relief’s path to bless others, and that’s the beauty of this work.”

Donations from churches play a crucial role. Church members contribute items, assemble baskets, and participate in door-knocking events, where the gospel message is shared, and prayer is offered.

In their recent door-knocking event, the gospel was shared with 16 people, and most received prayer. Additionally, a total of 35 households received baskets filled with essentials. Through the dedication of missionaries and the support from churches, both physical and spiritual needs are met monthly.

Abram’s prayer is that the Memphis Ministry Center helps residents find a closer relationship with God, not just a home.