State Bible Drills

State Bible Drills were held on April 24, 2021 at Leawood East Baptist.

The Associational and State Bible Drill was held on Saturday, April 24th. Faith Baptist and Ridgeway Baptist churches participated, while several churches opted to hold their drills at their church for COVID precautions.

State Winner Superiors:

Covenant Baptist: *Garner Fletcher, CorrieBeth Hawthorn

Faith Baptist: *Peyton Domino, Kolby Hunter, *Joseph Lindsey, *Chloe Rushton, Jeremiah Sinquefield, Preston Williams

Ridgeway Baptist: *Kenley Davis

Korean Baptist: Jacob Lee, Daniel Lee, Joshua Seo, Paul Seo

State Winner: *Sophia Tims – Ridgeway 

*indicates 3-year participants who recieved a trophy