The Healthy Pastor

A healthy pastor is one who is anchored in the call of God, enjoys a consistent walk with the Lord, casts a compelling vision for the church, develops compassionate relationships, demonstrates competency in ministry, and growing in Christ-like character.

  1. Anchored in the call of God:
    • Lives with a clear sense of God’s purpose for his life.
    • Possesses a holy desire for preaching, teaching, and pastoral ministry.
    • Displays the gifts for preaching, teaching and pastoral ministry affirmed by the church.
    • Evidences a love for the spiritual welfare of others.
    • Perseveres because of an overwhelming understanding of God’s call and the desire to please and glorify Him above all.
  2. Enjoys a consistent walk with the Lord:
    • Maintains a consistent and joyful daily devotional life of Bible reading and prayer.
    • Memorizes Scripture on a regular basis.
    • Enjoys an intimate relationship of abiding in Christ.
    • Walks in the Spirit.
    • Recognizes spiritual warfare and puts on the whole armor of God.
    • Maintains emotional well being.
    • Practices personal financial management and biblical stewardship.
    • Maintains a healthy body as the temple of the Holy Spirit.
    • Lives with a deep sense of commitment to the Lordship of Jesus.
  3. Casts a compelling vision for the church:
    • Has a biblical vision and burden for where the church needs to go and for the expansion of the Kingdom.
    • Is fueled by a passion for the future of the church.
    • Leads the church in developing a written vision statement
    • Effectively communicates the vision and inspires others in the direction of the vision.
  4. Develops compassionate relationships:
    • Loves his wife as Christ loves the church and gave Himself for it.
    • Spends regular quality time with his wife.
    • Brings his children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord and does not exasperate them.
    • Develops meaningful friendships within the church.
    • Maintains meaningful friendships with other pastors.
    • Builds friendships with unbelievers to effectively share the Gospel with them.
  5. Demonstrates competency in ministry
    • Faithfully studies and interprets the Bible and applies it to life.
    • Strives to keep the Scriptures as the foundation of ministry.
    • Communicates biblical truth effectively through preaching and teaching.
    • Exercises administrative skill in strategic planning, organization, and leading the church.
    • Provides loving pastoral care for those who are hurting.
    • Equips others for involvement in the ministry of the church.
    • Works well with others.
    • Guides the church and individuals in conflict resolution.
    • Leads the church in and effective evangelism, missions, and disciple making.
  6. Growing in Christ-like character:
    • Lives above reproach in conduct and character.
    • Stays accountable to godly friends/wife.
    • Displays humility and sacrificial love for those in the church.
    • Exhibits the fruit of the Spirit.
    • Leads with a servant spirit.
    • Forgives others when wronged.
    • Focuses on Jesus in life and ministry instead of on self.
    • Seeks to glorify God in all areas of life.