Week of Prayer for Baptist Associations

Week of Prayer for Baptist Associations set for Oct. 23–29 with focus on church revitalization.

Justin Nelson said he’s not sure exactly how long it went on, but for a while a group of women met regularly in the church nursery at Camden Baptist Church. They would get on their knees in the empty room and pray for God to fill it with babies again.

“And the Lord has done that,” affirmed Nelson, the current pastor. “We went from literally no children to going, ‘Hey, we’ve got to have help in the nursery.’

“It’s been really good just seeing how the Lord has brought some families back, people who grew up in the community and now have come back.”

That gave them a base to reach other families in the community, Nelson added.

“So that’s been a really good journey, seeing that excitement and that growth of our millennial age group, the late 20s and 30s.”

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