West Tennessee Evangelism Rally – March 6, 2022

On Sunday March 6 we will partner with the TBMB to host the Evangelism Rally. We will have 2 breakout session times and then conclude with Dr. Clay Hallmark preaching.

You can register here: https://www.uu.edu/events/wter/

Then on March 10 we will have our annual Dockery Lectures on Baptist Thought and Heritage with Dr. Nathan Finn. Dr. Finn will speak twice:

  • 3:30 p.m. — “Toward a Holistic Interpretation of Southern Baptist History” – Harvey Auditorium
  • 7:00 p.m. — “Church-State Separation: A Southern Baptist Perspective” – Grant Events Center

Between the two lectures we will have a dinner to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the founding of the School of Theology & Missions. The cost for the dinner is $20 and you can sign up for it here: