Pastor Appreciation Month

October is Pastor Appreciation month. From 1 Peter 5:1-4 here are four ways you can honor your pastor and staff.

  1. Pray for your pastor. According to scripture, elders must do two things. They must lead and feed. Yet these are two very different skills. The pastor must be a generalist and therefore needs your prayers.
  2. Protect your pastor. Peter encouraged his fellow elders to do their ministry “not by compulsion” or “grudgingly.” Two things can make ministry miserable: burnout and criticism. Don’t let your pastor work himself sick and don’t let bullies in the church bother him mercilessly.
  3. Provide for your pastor. Make sure he is generously compensated and thus less likely to be tempted by “dishonest gain.”
  4. Be pleasant to your pastor. He is your shepherd. As he leads, quietly follow his example in such a way that he never feels the need to raise his voice or try to exercise authority over you.

Along with these four biblical ways to honor your pastor, this special edition newsletter contains additional ways for you to bless the man of God. Like Aaron and Hur, do your best to lift him up!

  1. Spiritual Growth
  2. Fun
    • Movie night
    • Shooting range activity
    • Camping
    • Golf scramble
    • Miniature golf
    • Bowling
  3. Kindness
    • Give gift cards
    • Notes of kindness
    • Date night
    • Rake leaves
    • Wash car
    • Give a set of tires
    • “Pounding”
    • Christmas gift
  4. Pastor’s Wives
    • Cater or prepare a family meal
    • Provide childcare
    • Provide a Molly-Maid service
    • Prayer text



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